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Ansal Steel Ltd.


“Ansal Steel Ltd. Beograd” was founded in 2008, but thanks to the extensive experience of its management in mechanical industry experienced rapid development and transformation from trade to manufacturing company.


The company is based in the center of Belgrade, whose geographical position is characterized by the nearby ports on the Adriatic, Aegean and Black Sea. The city lies on the banks of two rivers, so there is the ability of transport of goods, also by river. The production of “Ansal Steel” is located in three production sites: in Surdulica (300 km south of Belgrade and 10 km away from the main highway Belgrade -Thessaloniki), Vranje (345 km south of Belgrade, next to the main highway Belgrade – Thessaloniki) and Ljig (80 km south of Belgrade, next to the “Ibarska” main road).


The production program includes spare parts used in mechanical and mining industries and castings and forgings with complete machining, with all qualities of steel, in the weight range of castings from 1kg to 20.000kg and forgings from 5kg to 10.000kg. The company produces gears and shafts at the request of the customer, gear reducers and spare parts of gear reducers, spare parts for crushers and mills in mining industry.


Since 2009 ”Ansal Steel” expands its services in this industry, producing metal rolls and drums of various types, as well as spare parts for belt conveyors. Also, the company performs the complete production and installation of belt conveyors.


Thanks to skilled engineers within its development team, the company performs the design of machine elements, providing machine treatments, as well as leasing of skilled workers.