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Designing and manufacturing of reducers is based on the latest findings in the field of technology and development of power transmission . Defining of all parameters of reducer , from the design of the geometry and kinematics of gear pairs, through the choice of tools,

materials, types of heat treatment to the selection of lubricating oils and production technology selection and calculation of bearing and manner of bearings, shafts calculation, shall be fully optimized with the help of computer.

Gears and shafts in the reducer are made of high quality steel (used for improvement or hardening and tempering), and finished with gear teeth milling, grinding or HPG process.

Roller bearings are installed on milled shaft branches.Type of shaft bearings is selected to provide even distribution of load bearing, which allows selection of appropriate beds of smaller measurement long life and reliability of beds in operation.


Gear box is made of structural steel, by casting or welding and heat treated. Outer surface of the box, have been prepared for surface protection, corrosion protection and paint finish.

The interior of the gear box is coated with anticorrosion paint resistant to oil, and other elements with preservation oil.


Before assembling of reducer, all the elements are carefully reviewed and monitored, and as such built-in reducer. After assembly, the reducer is put into operation, under monitoring and work diagnostic.

Additional elements are built on reducer, oil draindevice, oil level controller, pressure regulating valve in the gear (relief valve) .


Due to the appearance of dynamic overloads during operation, which may be substantially higher than the nominal, projected power of reducer is much higher than the nominal (consumption) power, which provides the necessary reliability of the reducer work.



Gearings and bearings within the reducer are lubricated by immersion, using special structures for receiving and supply of oil, or using pumps for push-circulating mode. Pump for push–circulating lubrication can be connected to reducer, or separated with its own drive.



Construction of reducer box, is made to ensure the thermal stability of the gear. For extremely high thermal operating conditions (when maximum thermal capacity is exceeded), it is necessary to introduce additional cooling of reducer. This is achieved by installing the fan on inlet sleeve of reducer or installing oil cooler inside the gear box.